Friendship Sentiments Library

Glow stick - Our friendship shines so brightly.

Pop rock candy - Your friendship rocks my world.

Small package of peanuts - I am nuts about our friendship.

Smile magnet - Our friendship shows through the smiles we share.

Mini compass - It always seems we are going in the same direction.

Heart shaped key chain - Our friendship makes my heart smile.

Magnetic horseshoe - I was lucky when I found you as my friend.

Mini light bulb pencil sharpener - Our friendship lightens up the room.

Wood block - Thank you for helping me build who and what I am.

Mini hand clapper - Thank you for always lending me a hand.

Baseball bat keychain - Thank you for going to bat for me.

Pack of extra gum - Thank you for going that extra mile in our friendship.

Package of seeds - Like the flowers, our friendship grows.

Package of forget me nots - I will always remember the times we have shared.

Sticky hand - High five to our friendship.

Cheer candy - Thank you for being my cheerleader when I needed one.

Bone shaped candy - No bones about it you’re a great friend.

Life Saver Candy - Thank you for all the times you have been a life saver for me.

Mini slinky spring - Thank you for spinging into action, whether it be a shoulder to cry on to a lending a hand, I know I can always count on you.

Marbles - Without you by my side, I think I would have lost my marbles a long time ago. Thank you for being a such a great friend.

Stress Ball - With a friend like you, I don’t need a stress ball.